Friday, 23 November 2007

Oil spill? Go find hair and mushrooms!

As Malaysia is a peninsula, this useful low cost tool invented by Phil McCrory could come in handy should an oil spill occurs on our straits. The following video features some volunteers using hair mats he has invented to cleanup oil spill from a cargo ship that hit the San Francisco Bay Bridge this year.

The hair mats used are supplied by Lisa Gautier who runs a nonprofit called Matter of Trust through which these are donated for emergency oil spill. She collects the hair from salons and send it to Georgia to be woven into hair mats the size of doormat.

So, what's the mushrooms for?

After the hair mats have been used to soak up the oil, oyster mushrooms and straw are layered on them to grow up to 6 weeks and by 12 weeks the mats turn into soil that are good enough to use for landscaping along roads.

Always love a 2-1 solution. And if you are a Salon owner or a Dog Groomer you can make it a 3-1 solution by signing up to mail your hair to them.

I wonder if our coconut husk would make a great oil spill sponging tool...

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