Thursday, 25 September 2008

Making soft toys? Find free stuffing.

Does this look familiar to you?

They are the fibres removed from corns I have been eating.

They have dried up as I have kept them for a few weeks now. They still look good, doesn't smell and feel soft like cotton fillings for your pillows. If you keep enough, you can use them to stuff soft toys with.

Need pin cushion before you start? Need colour scheme to work on? I have that all covered, of course. Just click on the links for free tutorials.

You can also check out LiveJournal for some ideas of the kind of toys you would like to create. Just remember that the smaller your soft toy is, the more scrap fabrics you can use.

So, can you make a living making soft toys? Mariska did with her cute Fluffels...

and she is sweet enough to provide free tutorial on her blog for creating a Duck.

If you work on it, your profit is most likely higher since you use waste fibre from corn and scrap fabrics, right? Should you hide the fact that you are using waste material? Of course not! After all it may be the reason why they want to buy your toys.

There are people out there who just want to be owners of eco friendly creations.

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