Thursday, 15 January 2009

Shoes to last

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If you are someone who love buying shoes to match the occasions or an attire, here is an idea that will save you some money. Designer, Sophie Cox, named her invention, the "Convertibles".

The "Convertibles" are actually heels that you can screw off and on your shoes, depending on how elevated you would like to be for the moment. That means that your pair of shoes can have a variety of style in height of heels. Wear them low heeled in the day and switch them to high heels for an evening out right after work.

And when you travel or go on a holiday, you don't have to bring along that many pairs of shoes anymore, just suitable heels. When your legs are too tired from walking, just switch to a pair of more comfortable heels.

Since most shoes wear off from the heels first, being able to change them at a twist should make your favourite pair last longer too. Let us hope this idea kicks off and while we wait for "Convertibles" to come on the market, let's learn how to repair our high heels at home. For those who prefer visual tutorials, watch your cobbler repair your heels the next time you visit.

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