Friday, 17 April 2009

Recycle Ike Contest Winners

Remember the Recycle Ike Contest I wrote about last October? Here are the winners and their proposals on how to make use of green debris created by Hurricane Ike:

First Place
Team Biochar from Rice University
Bill Hockaday, Jeremy Caves, Caroline Masiello, Kyriacos Zygourakis, Richard Johnson, John Gaunt, Michael Keller

Second Place
Samuel Weaver
Bioreactor Sandpits

Third Place
Ian Ragsdale
Houston Farm Corps

Following are other uses for green debris by other contestant:

1) Charcoal Industrial Filters
2) Free Mulch
3) Municipal Composting
5) Wood Pellets
6) Wood Fuel for Coal Plant
7) Urban Farming
8) Building Blocks

If I can add to this list, it would be sculptures of wildlife on logs to commemorate the lost of wildlife in this natural disaster.

If you would like to visualise what it would be like, check out the chainsaw carvings of artist, Randall D Boni, on his website, Abundance Acres.

I discovered him through an email I received of his creations. He has discovered his abundance from the abandoned since 1989.

And from the UK, there is another chainsaw sculptor, Simon O'Rourke. Check out photos of his creations posted on slideshare.

Think you can learn to do the same? Then check out Chainsaw Sculptors for tools you need and their links to free step by step tutorials.

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