Friday, 5 June 2009

Sand? Not for beaches only.

Children of my time are allowed to play with sand. We didn't have to wait till we were brought to a beach to start. We could find sand to play with in our gardens or in that of our neighbours'.

There was a lot of sand to play with in the compound surrounding our houses too. So, we didn't need paper or pen to express our creativity as we played and drew on the sand.

The houses that our children grow up in now are usually built close knit and all paved up. Most parents of today will be aghast if they caught their children playing with sand and with crime rate rising, they wouldn't encourage their children to play outdoor.

Maybe it is time for us to revive that interest again to reduce usage of paper. How? Let Ilana Yahav shows you with her sand art, "Let's Get Together".

Yes, one can make a living playing with sand! And don't forget that playing with sand can be therapeutic for children and adult. Sand play therapy has been used by therapists as an Emotional Literacy tool for personal development and as an aid for emotional healing.

Let's find a tray or build a pit and play sand with our kids.

You can view pictures of a sand tray and the kits used by therapist, courtesy of Kristina Walter on Wikipedia.

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