Monday, 24 June 2013

Vinyl records? Vinylized for good.

I remember the good old days when my father used to play his vinyl records on his turntable, set in a huge wooden box.  That was a very popular way to listen to music until the 1980s when the compact disc (CD) players came into the market.

CD became a popular way to record music as the quality of sound playing from one is better.  And, as there is less possibility of scratches on the surface to affect the sound, some owners of vinyl records have their favourite oldies saved on disc.  

So, what happens to all those vinyl records that are no longer in use?  Why bother to know?

Vinyl records are made out of polyvinyl chloride, commonly abbreviated as PVC.  It requires hazardous chemicals in its production.  If discarded vinyl records end up in landfills, the additives used in its process can leach into the ground to reach groundwater.  We can't be burning them in incinerator either.  Dioxin released from that process can travel on air currents and is carcinogenic to any breathing life form.

Tipton Eyeworks has a solution.  They are vinylizing to create their eyewear.  And if you are wondering how they go about doing that, watch this video.

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