Monday, 6 January 2014

Happy Clean Year

What do you do with all those bottles of hair conditioner that you received with the shampoo you bought?

If you are getting them free, you are more likely to keep it aside.  Look through your drawers and you may likely find some that have past their expiry date. 

Before you head off to the dustbin with them, hear me out.  Hair conditioner can be used to polish your mirrors and stainless steel product and it does not matter if it is past their "use by" date. It can also clean up your basin and tiled surfaces.

I know it works because I tried.   All I did was spread some on a clean cloth and wiped over the surfaces I want to clean. Then I used another clean cloth to wipe the conditioner off.

So, it's not a mistake.   I would like to wish you a happy clean year for 2014.  And if you are wondering what has happy got to do with clean?  Well, being able to clean easily with hair conditioner means that you no longer have to be upset that your better half is not helping you out.

He just have to get used to missing hearing you nag him while he watches his football.  Another happy event to look forward to.

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