Sunday, 30 March 2014

One less in the bin!

Here is a project that is worth starting on for earth month.

Try to throw one less waste in the bin by looking at your discards in a different light.  Here is a video to help you along the way.

So, before you start digging into your pocket, the next time your children ask for money to buy gifts for their freinds, direct them to the stock of "working material" you have managed to salvage from your bin.

Highlight that their friends will value gifts with a personal touch more and allow them to explore their creativity and see what they can come out with.  This may become a hobby that will allow them to gain a side income if their creations become popular amongst their freinds.

This is definitely a great video to share with teachers to encourage them to use plastic bottles in craft projects for their schools.  There are 300 ideas shared on how these can be re-used and help us reduce our yearning to spend on getting more stuff.

Let's get our creativity juices running and go for one less waste in the bin to save the environment.  

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