Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Used chopsticks? Great art material.

What can one do with used chopsticks?  Ask artist-architect, Hong Yi, who use materials, that are commonly used in our daily activities, in her artwork.

She was requested by internationally known movie star, Jackie Chan, to create a portrait of himself for his 60th birthday and she came up with an idea to use disposable bamboo chopsticks to create it. Why chopsticks?

Jackie Chan is a Chinese and eating with chopsticks is so typically the Chinese way.  And who could forget his fighting skills with chopsticks in his movies?  Hong Yi likes the idea too that discarded materials can be reused and made into something meaningful and beautiful which reflects Jackie Chan, as an environmentalist.

So, armed with a collection of 64,000 chopsticks, this is what she has accomplished.

If you have it in you to create art, cost of material should no longer be a factor.  Be inspired by Hong Yi, the painter who don't pain with a brush..

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