Thursday, 17 March 2016

Green enough to re-use bath water?

If being environmentally friendly means re-using your bath water, would you?  It may sound gross to anyone, but if you can get yourself a Hotaru, why not?

With a Hotaru you can even shower anywhere you want as it is a portable pop-up nylon tent set up over a plastic base that holds about five gallons (20 L) of water.  As an added plus, there is a purification filter in its base to clean up your dirty soapy water good enough for you to use it again.

If you use it on a camping trip, the unit needs to be connected to a car's cigarette lighter which will provide a shower of cold water.  If you need hot showers, you will have to use it where there is a power outlet or a generator to plugged it in to.

The filters are expected to last about two months and there is a built-in sensor to let you know when it is time to change them. Just remember to use mild body cleansers.

Check out how it looks in action.

Currently, the unit weighs 32 kg but founder, Ryo Yamada, says they are working to reduce it.

Read this at Gizmag.

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