Sunday, 9 September 2007

Egg carton? Enlighten it.

The mid-autumn festival which falls on the 15th day of the eighth Chinese Lunar Calendar is around the corner and residents in our neighbourhood has decided to celebrate it ahead at Sungai Long SL4 park on 16 September.

It is time for Mummy to think up some cost saving tricks before my children start asking me to get them new lanterns. Since what I have a lot on hand are egg cartons, that will be my source of inspiration for creation of lanterns.

How is this for a start for Mummy to hold a candle to light their laterns?

Will Calvin like this "Transformer" like piece?

I think Callie should like this if I paint the petal like opening pink.

I still like this design that I have created for them before. Maybe if I add some plastic bag arty-fied flowers, Callie will like it better so I can forgo taking out the paint and burshes.

Here is a new design I am still working on.

I ran out of egg carton to create the fourth side.

So, how do I put the candle in the lantern? Take a peek.

Why not try something different with this packaging I picked up from the fruit stall?

How's that?

I will be teaching the children at the Sg Long Buddhist Society how to create lanterns. Watch out for my next posting on Creative Recyclers to see what other designs I have come up with and how they make out.


JO-N said...

Nancy, so creative! If you paint it up, it will look good. Is this the one you are going to teach us at SDS? Any simple ones for children aged 2 - 5?

Nancy Poh said...

Thks, Joanne. These are what I will be teaching the SDS students. It is very easy to create and the best part is after the festival, can still recycle, so, no cramming store room with this year's festive thingy.

Good for playgroup kids too. Parents help create, children do the decorating with cut outs or paint.