Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Heath supplement bottles? Weave with it.

Taking responsibility for my action, my article on collecting silica gels from heath supplement to dry flowers may have landed you with heaps of plastic containers.

So, what else can you do with them other than sending them to the recycling centre? I have used them to create heads for my Watering Pals and, recently, I have discovered that I can also weave with one. Just cut the top from bottle.

Then pop by Creative Recyclers for more instruction and weaving techniques.

Since you will only need the bottom half of the bottle to weave, what are we going to do with the cut off top? Here's the solution. Create candle holders for the autumn festival lanterns. And here's how.

First cut out a piece of cardboard from a box that is big enough to form the base of the lantern you have created.

Remove the screw on cap from the top and use it to draw a circle right in the centre of the cardboard base. Use a blade to cut strips towards the centre as show in this picture so that you can bend the cut strips towards the circumference of the circle.

Cut off the cut strips all around the circumference.

This is what you will get.

Push the top half of the bottle into the hole till it sits snugly in. You can see that I have cut champers around the edges of the cardboard and bottle.

Bent this cardboard and push it to sit flat into the folds of the egg carton.

You can either place the cap on top as shown in this picture or...

... screw the cap back on from the bottom of the base as shown here.

To hold your candle in place, melt some wax into the cap or steal some plasticine from your kids and push enough in place.

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