Friday, 29 February 2008

eDump? Want to stop it?

You have read about e-dumping and you are concern about how it can affect the environment?

So, what can you do to stop it? Here are some ideas of what you can do that I have posted on my blog.

Upgrading your mobile phone? Before you dump...
Recycing eWaste? Are you doing it right?

Make it one of the topics to talk about in events your company organise or in forums or societies that you are active in. If you would like to screen videos posted on youtube during your talks, check out the free youtube video download tool you can make use of.

Also, check out the recycling concepts of Matsushita Eco Technology Center in Japan and learn what materials and components they can recover from end-of-life electric home appliances to make "new products". You can also learn about the processes.

If you are in the transport business, maybe you can work out a deal with manufacturers of electronic product to collect and deliver materials and components they can re-use.

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