Sunday, 2 March 2008

It's food scrap. Not waste.

I have read from GreenYes forum that many homes in USA have food waste disposer systems installed under their sinks.

This disposal system increase water usage as food scraps thrown into these garbage grinders need water to move the waste along pipes to the sludge system. This is filtered and chemically sanitized tap water down the drain, one of its members highlighted. And if sewer blockages of food debris are high in your area, where do you think these could come from?

I think that if house owners are not able to dispose of their food scraps that easily, they would make more efforts to reduce food scraps. California Integrated Waste Management Board has a very good FAQ page on Food Scrap Management to work on this issue.

Check out some useful links I have collected about reducing leftovers and how you can donate your food scraps. Watch out for more ideas I will come up with on reducing food scrap using abandoned material, of course.

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