Monday, 3 March 2008

Green teaching aids? Found in fingers.

Paper is the most often used material in a classroom environment. You see paper in books, posters and notes. So, how can we reduce its usage and save some trees?

Look at your fingers and try moving the little finger. You will realised that your palm and the rest of your fingers will move along with it.

Move your index finger and you will notice that you have more control over the rest of your fingers and only your middle finger will move along with it.

The little finger is just like a child compared to the rest of the fingers. The palm represents the environment she is in. In her ignorance, her actions will affect more people in her environment. I see a strong figure in the index finger. Someone who is mature and more conscious about the effects her actions can create.

I see the ability of each finger to bend forward to touch the thumb. The thumb looks like someone of authority; a good support system to lead one on the right path.

Where do you stand where taking care of our environment is concerned? Do you want to be a little finger forever? Be a thumb. Show others how to make use of their ever ready fingers as teaching aid about keeping our environment green.

And if you are able to hold your audience's interest and have some time to spare, you can also talk about morality, with the help of your middle finger.

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