Monday, 31 March 2008

Food wastage? Reduced with values.

I have put on some weight! I have been eating my children's leftovers because I don't like the idea of throwing away food that I have taken so much time to cook. They have not thought about the cost in getting the supplies and energy needed in the processes. They have forgotten about the children with no food to eat in war torn countries. They obviously do not value the love and efforts I put into cooking for them as much as I do.

I should put these thoughts and feelings to use by teaching my children how to grow their own vegetables and cook them. After all the efforts, I am sure they are less likely to throw away their own greens.

If you think that children are not capable of such tasks, then you have obviously not heard about "The Edible School Yard". It is a programme of an urban public school, Martin Luther King Junior Middle School, in Berkeley, California, where the students have more than an acre organic garden and a kitchen for classroom.

Hear what the founder, Alice Waters, and teachers in "The Edible School Yard" have to say about the effects this programme have on the children.

And, just in case this posting has inspired others to start a similar programme in their community, don't forget to check out their "How To" link. You can also try googling "edible classroom garden" to see if there are any such programme in your own country.

You may also want to read about "Forest Gardening" or download Dave Sansone's booklet on "Edible Forest Gardens".

Here are some videos of "Forest Gardening with Robert Hart".

I have covered composting in my earlier posting.

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