Monday, 10 March 2008

Reducing food wastage with waste

I received an interesting email from my friend. It was about someone sharing her discovery that aluminum coated bags can be used to keep fruits and vegetables fresh in the refrigerator.

These are bags used in the packaging of most milk powder, biscuits, cereals and peanuts. There was a picture showing her carrots, ocras (lady's fingers) and tomatoes looking fresh after one week in storage.

I kept a Chips More chocolate chips bag and bought a piece of Kudzu (Fun Got in Cantonese) to experiment with the idea.

I forgot about my experiment with the Kudzu and bought another piece the following weekend. This piece I kept as is in the refrigerator. When it was time for me to use my Kudzu, this is what I discovered.

The smaller piece on the right was the one I bought earlier and kept in the Chips More bag. Look at the difference when I cut them up.

So, it is obvious that you can keep your vegetable fresh for more than a week in aluminum coated bags. Now I have a clear plastic bag that I stick to the side of my fridge with a magnet to store all the aluminum coated bags.

It is great to be able to reduce food wastage with waste.

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