Friday, 14 March 2008

Kids not recycling? Let's play games.

If you find that your children have no interest to learn more about recycling or conserving resources =$, then it is time to let them play some online games. Here are some that I have discovered on the web:

At World Recycling Games the children have 6 kinds of games to play with. There is also a Teachers Resources link for you to find facts to questions that they may ask after playing the games .

Playing Dumptown Game is like playing Monopoly. There are program icons your children can pick that will give them information about what the program does and how much it costs to start using it and the maximum amount they can spend in the game. The Total Cost bar shows them how much they are spending.

If your children are creative, you can try getting them to create the pieces out of cardboards so that they can play it with their friends offline.

The Premier Xmas Recycling Game and Recycling Fun will teach the children what is recyclable and where each item should go.

At the children can click on their link to "Play the Recycling game!". If you are living in California, they can also learn about California Refund Value (CRV) and how much they can earn when they return used containers to a Recycling Center near your home.

So, Californians, the next time your children ask you for money to buy what they want, remember to lead them to the Cash Calculator and let them find out how many containers they need to recycle to get that amount. Then, get them to recycle!

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