Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Something meaningful? Recycle these.

The next time you think about throwing away your old or out of fashion cutleries or cooking utensils, think about "Food Not Bombs Kuala Lumpur". This movement is made up of a group of volunteers who collect unwanted foodstuff and vegetables from the market to cook vegetarian meals for the destitute.

Other than foodstuff, they are also looking for:

1) pots
2) pans
3) trays
4) platters
5) plastic plates
6) any utensils for cooking or serving food

Go to their website and click on "Activities" and it will lead you to the time and locations where food will be served. If you are interested to be part of this group, sign up or call Kimy at 012-2438406 or Nunu at 012-3488260 for details of their next monthly meeting at S & M Food Court, Kota Raya.

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