Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Recycling for God

Yes, my belief in the higher power is my 7th incentive towards recycling for a greener environment. Is there a religion you know of that does not encourage one to love nature. Let my little poem help you rediscover this love:

Nature, the living creation
Loves mankind unconditionally
Satiates the senses in every way
Through the air inhaled
Thirst it quenches
Titillating fruits tickling taste buds
Look, palates inspiring venison
Fulfilling too
Those pleasing sounds
The warmth that touched the skin
All seen, smelt, heard and felt naturally
What have mankind given in return
...in the name of development?

In my search for religious teachings about loving nature, I came across an article, "Religion Is a Bond Between Man and Nature" by a Hindu spiritual leader Mata Amritanandamayi, lovingly called 'Amma' or the "hugging saint". The following is an extract of what she has written that inspired me to write the above poem. I feel that it clearly highlights the differences of Mankind vs Nature:

Look at a tree.
It gives shade.
Even to the person who cuts it down.
It gives its sweet delicious fruits.
Even to the person who harms it.

When we plant a tree,
We are only concerned about the profit.
When we raise an animal,
We think about what we will make from it.

If the animal ceases to benefit,
We will have it destroyed without a thought.
As soon as the cow stops producing milk,
We will sell it to the butcher to make money.
If a tree stops yielding fruit
We will cut it down and make furniture
Or something else from it.

If Amma's article does not touch you enough to consider recycling, maybe this will:

"People love those who are kind to them as well as true perfection and transcendent beauty. They also love those who are kind to those whom they love and for whom they have mercy" - (Extracted from Discover Islam)

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