Friday, 13 July 2007

Polymer clay leftovers? Before you throw....

If you have been working with polymer clay, you will soon realised that it can be a very expensive hobby, especially when you are not inspired enough to finish the slab you have been working with. If you do not store the leftovers properly, they hardened rendering them useless.

So, following are some inspirations for you to work with to clear any leftovers.

Making Sculpting Tools

Miniature Babies

Make it Heart Felt or create your own beads and your own jewellery.

Here are some beads and a heart pendant necklace created and given to me by my craftie friend at BeadAquaria. Don't you love her colour combinations?

Something for the house? Your curtains need some tassels?

Maybe your Crocs need new charms to liven up your walks?

You can also mix all the leftovers together to form one colour and then paint it with Colored Liquid Sculpey after you have molded it into the shape you want. Check out this glass bowl holder posted on Polymer Clay Express.

So, I got you interested in working with polymer clay? There are many techniques you can play with and you can find them all on Polymer Clay Central.

Are there other uses for polymer clay? Let Susan Lomuto expand your creativity on that. Check out her techniques page if you aspire to create like her.

For more inspiration, also check out what Donna Kato, a professional in polymer clay art is recommending you to see.

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