Monday, 23 July 2007

Wahsi Paper Doll? No, lah. Plastic.

My friend came over with a book "Japanese Washi Paper Crafts" by Robertta A Uhl and requested that I learn some of the stuff there so that I can teach her. Though hand crafting is my forte, it can be a very challenging task when you do not have the material required to work with, such as, the washi paper.

Not one to be easily dettered, I pull out whatever stuff I have on hand and created my first Kokeshi Doll.

Accept for some cellophane and double sided tape, none of the material I have used to create this doll is new. If you want to create your own, look out for:

1) Toilet paper roll (2 pieces).
2) Plastic bags in different colours to mix and match for the costume.
3) Black plastic bag for the hair.
4) A piece of string.
5) A ping pong ball.

If you would like to see some Japanese doll designs to inspire you to create your own, check out the following websites:

Japanese Kokeshi Dolls made with ping pong ball, plastic bottle and paint.

Read about its tradition and watch a "Step-by-Step Explanation" on YouTube showing you how a wooden Kokeshi Doll is created.

Lots of information on Carving Dolls Techniques by Hirano Masamichi

Want to read more about them? Judy Shoaf has a lot to say about them.

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