Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Manual Typewriter? An "in" thing?

Computers have made manual typewriter obsolete. It is very unlikely for you to discover even an electrical unit in an office. I do wonder if it is still being used to teach basic typewriting skills because there are now so many interesting software in the market that teaches you how to type with speed.

So, what do you do with manual typewriters other than collecting them as antique? Should you collect broken ones knowing that you may not be able to find someone to fix it? Don't bother cracking your head on that as Andrea of has already figured that out and created a family business out of it.

You guessed it, she has created bracelet, pendants, earrings and watches with all the colourful tabs from unwanted typewriters that she can lay her hands on. If you think they would not look good enough to wear as jewellery or they will look monotonously boring, then check out her range of bracelets.

So, go to the store room and see if you could still find something from your grandparents' days. Look at them with Andrea's eyes and see if you could create a keepsake jewellery out of your find to remember them by.

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