Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Rotten fish sell.

Do you know that rotten fish can be used to make fertilizer? I came across an article written by Briscoe White of The Growers Exchange and he has provided some useful information about this fishy kind of fertilizer if you intend to try one. There are two types in the market, that is, the hydrolyzed fish or the fish emulsion.

About hydrolyzed fish fertilizer:
1) For the truly organic version, only North Atlantic fish that are caught at least 3 miles offshore are used.
2) The fillets are cut out for human consumption, while the fish carcasses go into the grinder to form a mixture of chocolate milk like consistency.
3) Ocean fish contain the full range of nutrients, vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, and growth hormones and none of these are lost because the fish are cold processed.

About fish emulsion
1) It is processed from the left over parts of fish you will not eat.
2) The oil are removed and the parts are boiled down to a 50% solution.
3) The heat destroys all the essential nutrients and chlorine is used in the process.
4) Compared to hydrolyzed fish fertilizer, it smells like old rotten fish.
5) It has syrup like consistency which tends to leave residue in sprayers.

Why choose organic over Synthetic fertilizers? Jacob has the answer for you through his science project, "The Effect of Both Synthetic and Natural Fertilizer on the Germination of Corn".

So, you are more ambitious and would like to make your own? Then hang on to your decomposed fish leftovers, seaweeds picked from the beach or canned fish products with expired dates and read "How do you make homemade Fish/Seaweed Emulsion?", posted on Garden Web.

With news of global warming and reports of fishes dying from lack of oxygen or pollution, this recipe will come in handy one day and may well be a business idea for you to consider venturing into.

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