Thursday, 26 March 2009

Printing? Go green!

Did you see Rosario Dawson plays Emily Posa in the movie "Seven Pounds". No, I am not going to write a movie review but what I noticed there was the antique printer that operates manually.

It had me thinking; going automatic makes people more wasteful often times. Let us start with when printers run on electric power and can spurn out tons of pages at a time. What are the consequences?

The more you print
the lower the printing rate
The lower the printing rate
the more you choose to print
The more paper printed
the more trees cut
The more you have of the same
The less you would appreciate
what's there...

I know. My "poetic" ranting is not going to move anyone to run on manual again. But if you cannot opt to go electronic to communicate with your consumers, consider using suppliers who think green in their processes. And since we are talking about printing are there certified "green" printers"?

Yes! There is Bacchus Press. And how green will they go?

1) They plan jobs to minimize electricity use = less fossil fuels used.
2) Their paper are from "Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)" certified companies = well-managed forests that adhere to strict environmental standards.
3) They recycle and reuse paper and other supplies whenever possible.

Definitely some steps that you too can pick up in your own businesses.

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