Friday, 15 April 2011

Not pregnant? Blame those receipts?

If like me, you have been recycling just any scrap of paper you can get your hands on, note this!

Recycling thermal imaging carbonless paper may not be such a good idea, after all.

If you know that you should avoid drinking from bottles with bisphenol A (BPA) because you have been reading reports that it can cause a number of health problems, including infertility, then watch out for that powdery feeling on any receipts that you get your hands on.

Janet Raloff reported in her article, "Concerned about BPA: Check your receipts," that what you feel is a layer of BPA, manufacturers coat on one side of thermal imaging carbonless papers.

What?!!! That's how most credit card receipts feel when rubbed against your fingers, right? So, stop doing that as she has also reported that a survey of urine samples of pregnant women in USA found that cashiers had the highest amounts of BPA in their bodies.

Janet may have us concerned about what we are recycling but I am sure that it is because of such reports that there are now BPA-free thermal-receipt paper in USA. But when will we see such used in Malaysia?

I guess that depends on how many of you are willing to talk about what you picked up today. Just remember that the BPA tainted paper we recycled could well be made into the packaging our food will be served in.

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