Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Making every scrap count.

Do you recycle every scrap of paper you encounter no matter how small they are?

I do.

Why? Learn from this Malay proverb, "Sedikit sedikit lama lama jadi bukit". Got the picture?

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No? It means, little by little, over time a mountain is created.

And you don't mess up your home collecting your scraps. Standby an empty tissue box and just dump coupons, tickets, receipts, labels and whatever little pieces of paper you come across into the box.

Then when the tissue box is all filled up, just put it into the recycling bin.

You don't have to be messy to be green.

P/S Note that kittens are not recyclable and no batteries have been wasted sharing these images from TinyPic.

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