Wednesday, 27 May 2009

What's your town like?

Where I live, I can tell that parents love their children to bits. They bring them to the neighbourhood park every evening. The children are always fed all kinds of sweets and tidbits while they played there. They are never left thirsting for water and they are cleaned up before they leave for home. I can also tell that the adults enjoy using the park too. How do I know that?

Every morning when I go for my morning walk, I can see all the tell tale signs like sweets and tidbits wrappers, empty mineral water bottles, plastic bags, cigarette butts and used tissue paper lying around the park.

Do these small bits and pieces lying around the park really matter? You don't have to hear me nag about this. See it through the eyes of this 8 years old Sicilian inhabitant of a little town named Pedara.

Always remember that "Sedikit sedikit lama lama jadi bukit".

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Marv said...

Pedar is usually fairly tidy. Only gets that way when there is a strike. -- 7 yr former resident.