Friday, 29 May 2009

Wanted. Dead or infected!

It's a plant but people making a living out of it would rather collect it when it is dead or infected.

It's the Agarwood which is valued for its aromatic resin produced when it becomes infected with fungus.

The wood can be sold for pharmaceutical uses or distilled for its oil as a perfume ingredient. It can also be harvested to be used as incense. And of course, there is a demand for it in countries like Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and the Middle East with price ranging from RM500 per kilo for low grade wood to RM37,000 per kilo for processed high grade ones.

So, the next time you shun a dead or infected tree, figure out if there are any undiscovered uses for it. It may well turn out to be your abundance from the abandoned.

Note: Batteries not required by sharing image by Hafizmuar posted on Wikipedia about Agarwood.

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