Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Don't See Red! Turn Green.

If you have just moved to a new housing estate, you will most likely see cardboard boxes discarded by the contractors who have installed new appliances. What a waste when these can be collected to be recycled.

In some you may also see construction leftover or debris.

You may even see green waste being indiscriminately discarded .

While some of my fellow neighbours may see red over these, I would like to see green; Herbie Spiral green, that is.

I came across an article "Smart Gardening" by MARY BETH BRECKENRIDGE published in "The Star" on 15 May and discovered that one can easily build herb spirals by laying stones or bricks or broken tiles in a circular manner to look like a spiral staircase. 

Try googling "herb spiral design" for images and you will have an idea of what I am talking about.  That is how I discovered this video.

According to the article, "Build an Herb Spiral: Give Your Garden Ancient Flare" due to the spiral formation:

1) the top and center of the spiral will contain the driest soil and the sunniest growing area
2) the bottom and end of the spiral will have the wettest soil and the shadiest growing area

Though we do not have the 4 seasons to worry about, the articles posted at, "When to sow what", will give you an idea what is best grown on the sunniest or wettest part of the structure. 

For ease of movement as you work on it, the best dimension to create a herb spiral is:
Diameter: 2 meter high
Height at Centre of Spiral: 1 meter high

Happy gardening and let us hope that no one will be fighting over the following abandoned materials required for building the Herb Spirals:

1) cardboard
2) stones, bricks, tiles
3) dried cuttings

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