Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Of stones, lallang and snakes...

My neighbours spotted snakes in their compound! What should I do to protect my family against being bitten by one? I called the MPkj personnel covering Zone 8 in Kajang about it and was told to call Jabatan Bomba at "994" if assistance is required to capture the snake and for some guidelines on what to do on sighting one. I also did a search on "snake like to hide in" and came across a link to "How do snakes hide?" and found the following answers: 1) Depending on the snake they usually are hidden in grasses (lallang) or small tight spaces like under parts of rocks and some even live in trees. (Oops, there are lots of trees, tall weeds and rocks where I live.) 2) Probably somewhere warm and dark. Popular hide outs are under floorboards, in unfinished basements, under beds, or under shelves. (Seen this often on Discovery Channel.) 3) anything that they can go under................ (That sounds scary.) My neighbour told me that snakes eat frogs and that is worrying as we have a water feature in our garden that attracts them to breed there. So, how can I encourage my neighbours to work together on getting rid of stones or tall lallang that are often see in vacant units in a new estate? Herb Spiral to the rescue. What's that? Find out in my next posting.

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