Tuesday, 30 July 2013

A kitchen island for free? Pallet possible.

Looking to get yourself an island for your kitchen?  Before you head off to the shops to find one, check this eco and rustic looking island out and see if you can try making it yourself.

Yes, you saw it right.  Spanish designers, Alessandra Samson and Paco Serinelli from Anatomica Design, had figured out how to built their very own Paletina out of wooden pallets.

So, how many pieces of reclaimed wooden pallet would you need to give that a go?  Here are the numbers:

6 pallets 120 x 80cm (47 x 31.5 inch)
3 pallets American type 100 x 120cm (39.5 x 47 inch)
1 pallet 60 x 80cm (23.6 x 31.5 inch)
1 pallet American type from 130 x 110 cm (51 x 43 inch)
1 pallet 100 x 80 cm (39.5 x 31.5 inch)

To complete the look and make it functional, you will also need:

1 laminated glass sheet
1 stove top
1 oven
1 kitchen sink

While it is cool and environmental friendly to use reclaimed wooden pallet, remember to pop by GreenUpgrader for some hints on how to tell if your collection of pallet is safe for upcycling.

I picked all this up from Gizmag.

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