Thursday, 18 July 2013

Playing with Earth

If you want to start something, you just have to make the first move and inspire others to join you.  Here is a video Derek Sivers shared to prove his point during his talk at TED.

I am inspired to start a conversation with you.  I am playing with letters picked out from the word "EARTH" and I realised that there is a story to share.

What do you see on "earth" as in your "heart"?
Lend a "ear"
"Hear" me
Feel the "heat"?
"Hate" that?

On "earth" there is "heart"
Be that "heart" for the "earth"
The "art" to loving is in your "heart"
"Rate" it!
See the "tear"?

I hope I can move you to take similar action.  Just remember that we can play with words but not our EARTH.

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