Tuesday, 6 August 2013

A new look? Use reclaimed material!

Americans!  The next time you want to renovate your home, maybe you should run through what you intend to discard with PlanetReuse Marketplace as they maybe looking for that very material for their next building project. In fact, it is very likely too that you can find some stuff in their warehouse to re-use for your renovation

And if you think that it is not cool to utilize used items in your "upgrading" project, maybe taking a look at how used items are utilized at Pinterest can change your mind.  Also, there is Dan Phillips, an American designer and builder from Texas who can give you some ideas on how to incorporate reclaimed material into your home.

A company that sells reclaimed building items?  Can they be trusted?  PlanetReuse Marketplace did make it on WSJ Start Up of the Year List for 2013, if that is of any assurance to you.

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