Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Algal bloom? Not a problem.

While others are complaining about algal bloom, researchers at the University of Michigan managed to pressure cook algae to extract its oil.  So, instead of millennia, we could create fuel in minutes. However, to cultivate algae on an industrial scale, in an open pond system, will require lots of land.

MasseReaction Inc.’s ViPARtm (Vertically integrated Photo Array Reactor) technology is going to change that.  The photobioreactor allows algae to be grown in vertically stacked reactor tubes. Going upwards, it will be taking up less space to cultivate.  As these reactor tubes will be stored in a greenhouse like structure it means that it can be operated in even cold or hot places where algae cannot survive.  This means that ViPARtm farm can be located anywhere in the world.

The idea is to have ViPARtm farm installed near electric power plant, as it will also clean up its exhaust before it is dumped into the atmosphere. This is because algae require CO2 for photosynthesis to produce their own supply of sugar, which is converted to oil.

Surprisingly, MasseReaction Inc. is looking for a "Strategic Partner” through Indiegogo Crowdfunding.  I would think that a project like this will be able to apply for grants from the US government to start. 

Looking at the concept, this is something that I would love to see happening in the near future.  I wish MasseReaction Inc. all the best in this venture.

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