Thursday, 4 September 2014

Have you heard of Neighborhood Fruit?

Have you heard of Neighborhood Fruit? It helps people find and share fruits in USA growing wild or in your backyard.  All you need to do is register the information at the following link:

That way when the trees are fruiting, they will be picked up by those who are interested instead of leaving them to rot on the trees when there is a bumper crop.  If this application is available around the world, it would make life better for those living in poverty. 

Fruits can be eaten fresh, cooked, squeezed out for juices or drinks or baked in cakes. Find ways to use them on Pinterest and see if a business can be developed:

For example, do you know that you can use some fruits for making dye?

Find more of such free tutorial from Pinterest:

It is common to see restaurant food served in banana leaves.  These can be collected to be sold if you know where you can find them: 

Even some product from Ikea are made from banana fiber?

Someone I know in Malaysia manufacture paper out of banana tree stump

Others I found by doing a search for "find free fruit in your area":
"Falling Fruit," pinpoints all sorts of tasty trees in public parks, lining city streets and even hanging over fences from the U.K. to New Zealand.

Wild Edibles

You see, you can even make a living sharing information about Wild Edible Plants in Columbia, SC

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