Friday, 16 March 2007

Plastic Bags? Before you throw check this out.

My daughter kept loosing her water bottle and its holder in school. It is likely that everyone is using similarly looking ones that she finds it so difficult to locate her own once it is misplaced. Over a weekend, instead of going out to buy her another water bottle holder, I decided to create one for her.

So, will I be upset if she loose it again? Not likely going to happen again because it is too personalized to be mistaken for others and I did enjoy pleating the plastic bags I have on hand to create them. I love creating 2-1 solutions. Don't you?

Flowers I created from plastic bags to decorate the children's lanterns for the lantern festival.

Plastics bags are the best material to use to create things for children. Click on the following link if you need more inspirations:

Be Inspired To Reuse Your Plastic

Not inspired yet? Maybe this free tutorial, "How to knit a plastic bag", posted by Mike at Pie and Coffee will.

Now you know how easy it is to use plastic bags in your creation, let's see what else you can create with them.

Sandals crocheted from twisted-shopping-bag yarn

Want to work on something more ambitious? Check out Shaun Muscolo's wedding gown knitted from white plastic shopping bags.

Not your forte? Then read this idea and see what Rajiv Badlani is up to in his efforts to turn plastic bags into something useful and prevent them from choking animals and marine life.


Unknown said...

A wonderful idea to craft with plastic bags! Keep up the creativity and your recycling with crafts!

My website dedicated to recycling & crafting!

cynthia korzekwa said...

I love your wonderful water bottle holder!

cynthia korzekwa said...

I love your wonderful water bottle holder!

Nancy Poh said...

Thank you for the encouragement. My daughter told me that her school teachers and friends like it too. It does attract the children attention. I will try to find time to write out its pleating instruction.

Lou said...

I am obsessed with plastic bags now! Take a peek at my creations...

All the Trashion you see here is made from different types of plastic. Take a look at how your neighborhood grocery store plastic bags are put to better use. Cardboard and food packaging items are also used in my creations. Trash into treasure. Keep this earth-choking material out of the landfills and look good doing it. Enjoy my creations and thanks for looking!

Nancy Poh said...

Great job you are doing on your blog and shop, Lou.