Friday, 13 June 2008

Be a GIANT with small footprints?

I have written about using your fingers to teach to save usage of paper in a classroom environment and today I have another idea to share with you.

Did you notice the slides I have been using on my blog? You can easily find short and interesting slides on public domains to teach with. Here is one presentation on air pollution and...

...another on Plastic Pollution in Our Oceans

I discovered them from SlideShare.

If you are able to create your own PowerPoint slides about the environment, post them online for public viewing so that more people will be able to read about them. Also, when you save your work on the net, as long as you can go online, you can show your presentations wherever you may be.

You can also search for relevant videos from YouTube to present. Just learn to download them onto your notebook, computer or onto a hand-held disc storage.

Then instead of printing write outs for distribution, all you have to do is to provide links to the slides or videos you have shown. I am sure that if the children or adults have enjoyed them, they will be emailing these links to their friends.

When you work on spreading news about caring for our environment that way, you are able to reach a wider group of people. So, there you are, you can be a GIANT (spreading environmental information) with small footprints (to a large group of people).

And as you tread along, you will soon realise that you have also managed to turn your GIANT footprints small, carbonwise.

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