Tuesday, 3 February 2009

In the news...

A disaster for those in the recycling business as it tumbles with economical slowdown.

In the news...

Recyclers Getting Stuck With Trash.

"Stoltman said the market for recyclables is so bad many haulers are having a tough time covering collection costs. So to get around the downturn of the prices, Stoltman's company has rented a huge warehouse in Rogers and is stockpiling sorted paper, plastic and metal."

It's a gamble for haulers to rent space to store recyclables. What if the price for recyclables continue to plunge? How long can recyclables like used paper be stored before pests like rats get to them?

Can you see another disaster happening? What if it becomes too expensive for haulers to collect used paper? Will we have to discard them?

Can one disaster be used to resolve another. Martin at Make Papercrete shows you how by making building material out of waste paper.

Now haulers who can't afford to rent space for their scrap material can consider offering their more perishable used paper to organizations who are working on building homes for those displaced by natural disasters.

As an incentive for haulers to give away their scrap paper, allow them to advertise on one side of the wall of new home.

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