Sunday, 22 February 2009

No water? What would you have to do?

Actress, Jennifer Connelly, shows what she would have to do if there is no drinking water in New York, where her family lives.

You do not have to be famous to highlight the efforts of Charity: Water. Take a leaf off members of Twitter.

On 12 February 2009, members from Twitter community in 202 cities around the world held "Twestival" and raised USD250,000 (and still counting) for Charity: Water. That equates to clean water for just over 17,000 people living in Ethiopia, Uganda and India.

You don't have to crack your head for ideas on what you can do. Just visit Twestival or Charity: Water.

So, how did I come to know of this? My Twitter friend, Oiver Ding, emailed me a video of Twestival in New York he attended.

charity:water @ Twestival: NYC from Oliver Ding on Vimeo.

He even wrote about it in Mandarin on Way to go, Oliver.

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