Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Used tea bags to the rescue.

There is a settlement in Mandela Park, outside of Cape Town in South Africa where people live in homes that are built out of bits of tin and wood nailed together. These people were living in poverty with no education to lead them out of it till Jill Heyes discovered their talent and started the "Original T-Bag Designs" workshop at Cape Town’s Waterfront Market.

So, what could they be making in the workshop that could allow some of them to buy proper homes for themselves? Listen up. They paint on used tea bags then assemble them into greeting cards, notepads, journals, ornaments, candles, coasters, trinket boxes, and tea light holders.

That's unique. So, it's no wonder that their workshop is now a tourist destination and you can even find their product selling in Europe and the United States.

The next time you throw away any packaging, think again. It may well be your ticket to a better lifestyle!

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