Thursday, 23 July 2009

Orange gift for my girl

I decided to buy this book...

because I wanted to...

...make this lovely little doll for myself but I did not get around to it until my girl asked for it.

So, here it is according to her specification; " pink and without apron..."

I made it out of some leftover wools I have on hand. And note my 2-in-1 touch to the design. I added frills to the back in place of the apron so that when I turned the head around, wallah, I have a princess in the making.

Hang on here. Shouldn't this be posted on my blog for my kids?

If that is what you are thinking about, check out this whiskey bottle I will be hanging on to once the content is all drank up.

That is what holds the doll in place.

And if you are wondering what's "orange" about a pink doll, you have obviously not read about my "orange" article on giving.

I love it when my daughter "oooh" and "ahhh" over some abandoned material I managed to put to use. And since I bought this book in 1977 and still find it so useful, it is definitely an "orange" gift for myself.

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