Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Make me keep yours.

I think that it is a challenge buying gifts for friends and relatives; that is, unless you do not mind the time and money spent getting them and realised later that they are not appreciated.

Money don't hang on trees! So, what can you do to reduce wastage in gifts? Me? I work on getting the "Oh! range" of gifts. "Oh! range"? What's that?

Just take a long at this orange and think, what factors would make the recipient said, "Oh! She remembers what I like".

And these are the "Oh! range" to look into getting.

1) If it is not orange in colour, what is the choice of colours seen in the car driven, bags used, walls painted, clothes worn, etc?

2) If it is not tangy, sweet or sour, what are the preferred flavours?

3) If it is not orange for fruit, what is the pet liking in fruits, pets, movie stars, games, collections, self, etc? Self? For example, a person who is born in the year of dog or who is a dog lover would appreciate this bone shaped paper clips and doggy photo holder, right?

4) If it is not small and round, what is the size and shape preferred? Example, buying your friend or family member a puzzle set of The Louvre Pyramids in Paris, France maybe boring but when you highlighted to that person that the triangular shape of The Louvre represents the fire element in his or her birth year. That would grade it an "Oh! She researched on the type of gifts to give me" range. Sound mighty cool if the gift is for a foreigner friend, right? I love doing that and I have even created a Feng Shui chart to help me out.

So, what if you received gifts that are not within your "Oh! range"? They are always ways to play around with unwanted gifts. So, before you consider giving or worse yet, throwing them away, read about "Added Value Junk" first.

I love it when my creative juices are squeezed out into a cuppa of blogs just looking at cut outs from a junk mail. While others may call that cheap thrills, I like to think that I have hit my green pleasure buttons.

Want to know what "Oh!range" I am still working on?

It's, "Oh! They could still remember my birthday!!!"

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