Thursday, 24 July 2008

Body Art & Paintings on...

I am talking about Car Body Art & Paintings. What did you think I was on about?

This should inspire you to look into an idea about getting rid of eye sore old bangers and vandals off the streets.

Following are some ideas of what one can do with the painted vehicles if they cannot be driven anymore:

1) Use them as stalls in shopping complexes.
2) Place them at parks so that they can provide shade from sun or rain.
3) Use them as private cubicles in restaurants.
4) Make them into beds for children.
5) Use them as art decor for your home.
6) As a keepsake if the vehicle used to belong to someone you love.
7) Keep the children occupied playing with it while you do your chores.
8) Make it your time out space.

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