Thursday, 24 July 2008

Running out of papers? Use your fingers.

My daughter loves to doodle on little message pads that we have at home. Though I am able to use the blank side to record the type of vegetable that I store in my fridge, if I am not able to find pictures of them in junkmails or use them as bookmarkers, I think it is still a waste of good paper.

So, how can I stop her without curtailing her creativity? Maybe I should start getting her to work on her fingers.

That is so imaginative. Maybe one day she will progress to this standard.

That is a good idea to use for a party game or a puppet show for an event. It should be fun. Don't you think?

So, can one make a living with this kind of creativity? You bet! Emma Hack makes a living from painting bodies to create her 3D 'human wallpaper' effect for advertisements, events and exhibitions. You think it is only a fad? She has been at it for over 20 years!

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