Tuesday, 22 April 2008

You don't see, you don't use. What a waste!

I have to admit that reducing food wastage with waste is not going work if you cannot see what you have stored in your refrigerator.

Imagine if you have to open up every package to locate the vegetable you need in your recipe. It is time and energy consuming if you left the refrigerator door opened too long in the process. No worries, I have found a solution with more waste materials.

What you need to collect are some catalogues from supermarkets in your area, clear plastic bags and rubberbands.

I cut out pictures of vegetables I have and place them in the clear plastic bags, that were used to store my VCDs. Then I tied them around my vegetables with rubberbands. That way I am able to locate my vegetables with ease.

This bag holds two ingredients I need for a soup recipe.

For vegetables, I could not find a picture for, I write the name on a small piece of paper.

It is not a hassle to cut out these pictures as it can be a very useful communication aid if you have a maid who cannot read or communicate well in English and you cannot speak her lingo.

This is my lettuce after more than a week. Still looking fresh.

Rework your storage if you want to maximize things that you have at home.

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