Tuesday, 15 April 2008

1 More Need Less

Of functions and gadgets, one more of the former means that you will need less of the later. Working on this, here are some ideas to play with.

Instead of buying one more ingredient for the recipe you are working on, consider finding substitutes already in your kitchen.

What do you do with microwaveable wares that you rarely use? Here is what I did to my collection when I was advised that microwaving is not a healthy solution to quick cooking.

This used to be for microwaving fish. Now it helps me keep my mugs neat and clean.

I used to put them on a tray without a cover and it's gross when you can see traces that a lizard had visited.

This is meant for steaming buns but it holds my tea cups perfectly.

Both these cookwares come with draining trays. So, you can also use them to store your vegetables you have washed up and put them in the refrigerator. The water will drip out of the vegetables through the trays.

Do you need to buy more egg trays for your refrigerator? I cut the egg carton from my supplier in half and...

... stack one on top of the other in the refrigerator. I am able to hold three stacks of eggs that way.

I love the packaging boxes for storing A4 size paper from Xerox. They are so solid that I kept them for storing my stuff.

Just wrapped them nicely with wrapping paper and they look as good as the ones selling at Ikea. If I use them to keep my children's toy, I will cut out a picture of the toy and stick it to the side of the box. That way, the children will not rummaged through all the neatly stacked boxes of toys.

I am glad I kept this bag for packaging some herbal product I bought.

It is useful for storing my utility bills. I segregated the bills with cardboard cut out from boxes. That way, I do not have to staple each month's bill together or punch holes on them to file. It makes looking for a bill easy.

And don't discard that old pair of slippers. They make great door stopper, at least for your back door, if style is an issue with you.

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