Thursday, 24 April 2008

Treasured trinktets? Make candles out of them!

Dig into your drawers and I am sure that you will find some trinkets that you have outgrown. You are not throwing them away even though some may no longer be complete or may have been broken. In whatever condition they may now be, these trinkets hold special memories for you. Some may even be gifts from long lost friends from your childhood days. So, what can you do to hold on to them for their sentimental values?

Have you heard of gel candle? The clear gel used in making the candle allows you to embed your trinkets inside it as a decorative measure. There are ways to make them either with a microwave oven or stove as your heat source.

You may like how your trinkets look in the gel candles that you have no reasons to discard them after all. Long live happy memories.

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