Friday, 4 April 2008

Glass bottles litter? You can stop complaining.

I have read about bottles littering the beautiful beaches of Ecuador. The environmentally conscious residents there are working hard to boycott companies who supply their beverages in non-returnable containers in bottles and cans.

While they take such a stance on bottles litter, Bedrock Industries is making money out of the very same litter by creating beautiful tiles and decorative items.

I discovered this company from Greener Business. Greener Businesss promotes companies who make business out of any kind of environmentally friendly materials.

If are looking for some DIY ideas, check out the Projects videos they have posted which provides simple tips, guides, and how-tos.

And if you have been inspired by what you see, you can leave them a free GeenerBusiness Voicemail about your episode ideas and see if they would include them into their future episodes.

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