Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Composting methods

I have written about "Composting: what's in, what's out?". Now I have been asked for the how tos.

I have collected a lot of information about composting from a few websites and I have written out the instructions in table form to ease reading and referring.

Following are more of such useful websites that I have discovered.

Home Composting

Read articles at Worm Digest or join their forum.

Check out some of the bins and methods used in worm composting.

"HOW WE COMPOST" by Bay Worms, a non-profit, student/ citizens-run collective operating as an independent entity.

Worm Bins - Vermicomposting Systems. This is the kind of system purchased by Tom Szaky and Jon Beyer to start their Vermicomposting business in 2002. What kind of sales can they expect to make from worm excrement? Check these figures out. $70,000 in 2004, $500,000 in 2005, $1.5 million in 2006, and an estimated $4 million in 2007. This year TerraCycle expects to turn a profit with a projected $8.6 million in sales!

Their TerraCycle Plant Food packaged in recycled soda bottles and other recycled containers are sold in organic groceries, independent garden shops, Wal-Marts and Home Depots around the United States and Canada. This is obviously a company who has successfully created abundance out of lots of abandoned materials.

Happy D Ranch used to supply the Eliminator, which is an educational model made of wooden and metal with a Plexiglas side to see what the worms are doing.

Here is a DIY model for school posted by a GreenYes member, Frank Teuton.

1) 30 Milk Crates stacked in a space of 3x4ft.
2) Place 3 boot trays under crates to catch any leachate.
3) Line crates with waste material as food stock: wood, cardboard, breathable material like fabric. If plastic bags are used, punched drainage holes into them.

Warning: Expect unwanted visitors, such as flies.
Tried and tested: You can microwave or freeze wastes to destroy fruit fly eggs prior to feeding the bin.

Google "Frank Teuton compost" and you will find many useful "dos and don'ts" tips from him on composting. That is how I found these useful information.

Also, check out the many video clips posted on YouTube on composting or compost bins. Here is one that I like by Home and Garden.

Did you notice the bin she used? You can get that free from companies in the renovation business who buy paint or plaster in large containers. Remember to punched holes into them before you start the layering process.

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